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Here I Come Martha!

December 3, 2009

Well…. I don’t know where to start this post. So I will start at the beginning. Yesterday at about 3pm I got a call from the artistic director of a company in Martha’s Vinyard. My aunt mentioned to her that I was a ballet Dancer, and their artist for Arabian was out with an injury! After checking out my website, she called me, and asked of I could leave tomorrow!! Fortunently, Utah Regional Ballet is taking selections of their Nutcracker to Idaho this weekend, and it did not include their Arabian, so I was available!! Needless to say, I graciouly accepted the position, and I am waiting to board my flight as I type this!



November 6, 2009

So why Austin’s “kinesphere.” Well for those of you who don’t kow, Kinesphere is a word used to describe the space around you, specifically the space you dance or move in. It is the space that we live our lives in day in and day out, from cradle to grave. It is also an extremely personal space. Many people will understand the feeling of someone being “too close,” this feeling is because our body is innately aware of its very own, personal KINESPHERE.

This blog space is an extension of my own kinesphere, an open invitation to glimpse what it is to be me. Here you will find my thoughts about dance, musings about art, dance reviews, a little rant here or there, and anything else that I find inspiring!